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Therefore, it is important for us to guide the consumers and stimulated the choices of products that generate health, or at least to a lesser compromise, particularly with respect to oral health. In light of this premise, we provide a brand for products that ensure protection and defense of the oral cavity or that leads the consumers to a positive and conscious choice for the health of their teeth and gums.


    What we propose    

We bring in the power of oral health in your daily eating

Most oral diseases directly depend on the quality of what we eat or we introduce in the mouth. Dental caries (most common chronic disease in the world) and tooth demineralization (enamel dissolution by plaque effect and by acid attack, a phenomenon that affects the whole world population) depends, in fact, on the type and on the food intaking modalities, especially sugar. Some malocclusions, may also arise from the type of the tools that the child uses. It is precisely for these reasons, that it is necessary that every food and object placed in the mouth by children should not be injurious and possibly beneficial to the health of the oral cavity.


It is the symbol for the highest quality certificate for oral health; the product is not harmful to teeth and gums(toothkind), and in some cases generates benefits.
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There are several possibilities to give a quality certification to a product as regards oral health.
Our proposals are:
It is the symbol for the implementation of initiatives and projects that protect the oral health and it takes for his cause, is to marry our philosophy.
It is the brand that certifies the commitment to inform the consumer that certain products, particularly those containing sugar, determine conditions for oral disease. However, if after you take them, are implemented any oral hygiene on the part of those who use them (if you), such assumptions are canceled.
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